Android vs iOS Development – Which One Are You Choosing In 2024?

Android vs iOS Development

Android is a well known app development platform that is used by almost all the app developers worldwide. Similarly, we have iOS app development that is another famous and trending platform for app development.

Regardless of the tremendous benefits of using both the platforms, there are consumers who only ask for Android vs iOS comparison and then decide which one is the right one for them.

In this detailed blog, we are going to discuss the difference between android vs ios app development. We will discuss different statistics to support our discussion and give you a more real time data analysis.

What is Android App Development and iOS App Development?

Android app development is a software development process that refers to developing applications for creating applications for devices running on Android operating systems. According to Google, “Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages”. Android app developers are always on their toes to bring the most exceptional android applications for the users. In a comparison between Android vs iOS app development, there are 90% users who’re using Android applications whereas, there are some few who use iOS app development.

Moreover, iOS app development is another programming platform that is huge, and can be used for developing iOS app development.

The two renowned operating systems share similar architecture, aiming to offer end-users a comparable user experience (UX). However, notable distinctions exist in the development and maintenance processes of each app type, as well as the specific audience for which each is designed.

iOS app development is the process of creating applications for Apple mobile operating systems. The operating system is used by iPhone, iPod, and MacBook. It has a lot of common features with reference to android app development. However, there are still a lot of differences between them.

Android App Development vs iOS App Development – Key Features

Android App Development vs iOS App Development – Key Features
In this section, we are going to discuss ios vs android development in detailed:
Android App Development
iOS App Development
Flexibility and customization
iOS is faster for transfer
Faster approval process
iOS is cheaper to the bought in the market
Cheaper android app developer fees
iOS has simpler coding languages
Larger global market share
Higher average spending power
More robust android app developer
Closed source code

These are some of the comparisons between android vs ios app development. Let’s discuss some of the features comparison between the two programming languages:

1. Programming Languages – Android vs iOS App Development
Programming Languages – Android vs iOS App Development

Android vs iOS – these two are entirely different programming languages and are essential for building an application for working on all operating systems.

It is widely recognized that the programming languages employed for native iOS app development are generally more beginner-friendly, making the prospect of creating an iOS app more appealing to those new to coding.

The primary language for iOS app development is Swift, a coding language exclusive to Apple. On the contrary, Android app development often involves more intricate languages like Java and Kotlin.

For programmers embarking on app development, a third option involves adopting a cross-platform development approach. This entails using frameworks such as Flutter, React Native, or Unity to build applications that can run on both iOS and Android platforms.

This approach provides a middle ground, allowing developers to create versatile apps without the necessity of solely focusing on either the iOS or Android ecosystem.

2. Budget For App Development – App Development Android & iOS
Budget For App Development – App Development Android & iOS

The costing for developing an iOS application or Android application is different due to the operating system difference.

Android applications require more customization, and APIs integration, whereas iOS app development is easier when it comes to development. It requires less significant development by the ios app developers. It’s easier to be coded, and executed.

Another factor that impacts the costing for android vs ios app development is, Apple vs Google developer account. An App Developer costs around $99 per year, whereas, an iOS developer takes more.

Adults are seen using iOS applications more, as compared to Android applications. Android apps are easier to develop as compared to iOS applications.

Google and Apple both impose a 15 percent fee on businesses for the initial one million US dollars in annual revenue for companies engaged in the sale of digital goods or services.

3. Making The Application Live On The App Store – iOS vs Android App Development
Making The Application Live On The App Store – iOS vs Android App Development

On the third we’ve applications turning live on the app store. The launching process for android vs ios application is different.

The process followed by an android app developer for publishing any application on the Google Play Store is easier as compared to iOS app developers publishing iOS applications.

iOS app store approval is quite difficult, and requires the user to go through different rules and regulations otherwise the application won’t be submitted for publication. Apple tooling, signing in, and capabilities along with the review process is detailed and quite difficult.

4. Development Process – Android vs iOS App Development
Development Process – Android vs iOS App Development

The development process for android vs iOS app development is different – similar to the launching, and programming process.

Android development toolkits are easier to set up, as compared to Apple’s toolkit. Google offers different development tools like Jetpack, which is another popular app development platform. Whereas, it also offers Android SDKs that are easier to be connected with the Android Studio.

In addition to this, Google offers a variety of different resources for coders of different skill levels, which includes different layout ideas for beginners, and other pro users of android app developers.

Instead of this, Apple offers seamless API integration, SwiftUI design tools, and storyboards in Xcode that are easier to use for designing and developing any Apple UI.

However in comparison to android vs iOS both the development processes are unique, and require professional app developers to proceed further.

5. Open vs Closed Source Code – Android vs iOS App Development
Open vs Closed Source Code – Android vs iOS App Development

Lastly, we will discuss android vs ios open source code. Android offers open source code whereas iOS offers closed source code.

The major difference between both the source code is, android source code can be publicly seen whereas, iOS source code can not be seen by anyone. (not available publicly)

The open-source model of Android provides developers with access to the mobile OS source code, allowing programmers to modify and alter substantial sections of the code according to their preferences.

Open models, such as Android’s, offer developers increased customization options, enabling them to make profound changes to the software and influence core features of the app based on their development goals.

Which One Is The Right Choice For You? – Android vs iOS App Development

Gone are the days when people were confused which platform is the right choice for them. Because some applications only work on Android whereas, some work on iOS operating system.

Right now, we have cross platform app development technologies that are available for creating applications for both android and ios operating systems. So, choose the platform wisely.

Nexentis offers both android app development services, along with iOS app development services for the clients who’re platform centric. Feel free to connect with an app expert today!

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The cost for android app development is somewhere between $15,000 to $20,000, depending on the type of application being developed. If it’s complex with API integration then, it’s more than the listed price.

The cost for iOS app development is $2,000 or more depending on the type of application. However, if the application is complex then the quotation is different. You can connect with Nexentis’ app experts to discuss your app ideas.

Nope. Both the app development requires expertise to deal with different platforms, programming languages, APIs integration, and other relevant attributes. However, if you hire professional android app developers then things are quite easier.

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