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Nexentis offers a wide range of Wix development services to the clients, who wish to build a dynamic, feature-rich, and quality-driven web solution backed with vibrant colors, and layouts. All of the Wix developers working with us share proficient years of experience in building customer-centric websites. Share your web design ideas with us, and let our experts do the rest for you!


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Escalate Your Business Potential With Wix Website Development Services

Businesses in the USA are eagerly hunting for ways to transform their existing website to Wix website development practices, utilizing all of the frameworks, and technologies necessary for a seamless user experience. Nexentis with their team of professional Wix website developers create web solutions that enhance the overall experience of the visitors, and eventually convert them into potential users. All of our Wix website developers are top-notch, and utilize the best practices for delivering cutting-edge web solutions.


Business Empowering Wix Development Services

Nexentis has a team of professional Wix developers who use cutting-edge technologies, and frameworks for building quality-enriched web solutions. All of our services are backed with real-time data analysis, hence, we are a full-fledged Wix web design and development company in the United States. If you’re a tech startup hunting for a reliable Wix web design agency near you, then, Nexentis is hands down the best choice. Here’s an overview of our best-offered Wix development services:

Wix Website Design

Our Wix professional services comprises Wix website designing where our UI/UX designer uses recent design practices for creating a feature-rich web design for the clients nationwide. All of our UI/UX designers utilize 7 principles of design to create web designs that are intuitive, quality-enriched, and captivating.

Wix Website Development

Our Wix website development services include the optimal use of technologies and frameworks for creating a custom-made Wix website design. Our Wix website developers have a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge web solutions for the clients, backed with real-time data analysis, and techniques.

Wix Website Plugin Development

We offer Wix website plugin development where our expert Wix developers will develop all the plugins that are necessary for building feature-rich web solutions. You can choose the plugin that you want our Wix website developers to work on, and our expert Wix plugin developers will make it happen for you!

Wix Theme Development

Our Wix theme development experts will deploy the theme of your choice for your online store, and business website. As a leading Wix website development company we focus on building cutting-edge web solutions with the best theme that is valuable for designing, and developing your dream web solution.

Wix API Integration

We offer Wix API integration services where our expert team of Wix developers deploy the APIs that are necessary for a seamless user experience. Our website development Wix covers up all the complex API development without missing out on important data.

Wix Website Deployment

Lastly, we offer Wix website deployment services where our team of expert Wix developers develop the website, and QA passes the website after running test-cases. Once done, we deploy the website. If you have a pre-built website, then, you can also avail our Wix website deployment services.

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Our Quality-Enriched Wix Website Development Process Followed By Our Teams

Our team of professional Wix website designer, and developers follow this process to design, develop, and deploy a full-fledged Wix website solution for the clients. You can have a look at our streamlined Wix website development process, and see how our team players are aligning themselves with the company goals, and vision of the clients.

Requirement Gathering

The first step is to pen down all the requirements that are given by the clients in a separate document to share it with the Wix website development and design team. All of the requirements are then shared with the designing, and development team for further elaboration.

Wix Website Designing

Once we get the document, the activity is led by Wix website designers who start with the U/UX designing of the website. They use colors that are captivating, and make the layout easy to use.

Wix Website Development

Next our Wix website development team starts with the website development using the Wix plugin, and theme extensions that are necessary for a seamless user experience. All of our Wix website solutions appear to be the same on all platforms.

Wix Website QA

Lastly our Wix website design and development team work on the QA of the website where they make sure it’s not missing out on any of the important features, and doesn’t have any bugs.

Wix Website Deployment

We then deploy the website in the real time environment, and even offer post-delivery maintenance services to make sure that website is working perfectly fine.

Why Choose Nexentis Wix Developers For Your Web Design and Development Projects?

When you’re signing up with us, you are connecting with a leading Wix website development agency in the United States, where all of your relevant concerns will be addressed. Our elite Wix developers will go through your crucial requirements for the website design, and development and give you suggestions in regards to it. They know the optimal use of Wix platforms for building a feature-rich Wix website, backed with captivating colors, seamless layouts, and intuitive UI/UX.

Therefore, we’ve equipped our teams with best, and most reliable Wix developers who’ve a proven track record of understanding the crucial requirements given by the clients, and turning them into a tangible digital product. With precision, believe in their inner self, and technological experts – our Wix developers are creating wonders, and we’re actually proud of it.


How Our Wix Development Services
Are Creating A Benchmark In Web Design and Development World?

Nexentis has hired the most professional Wix developers who already have experience with designing, developing, and deploying any kind of website in the real time environment. Nexentis is a market leader in the website design and development, and that is why people prefer to trust their strategies, and bring in results that are quality-enriched, and customer-centric. 
Unlike other Wix development companies, we don’t only rely on the requirements that are given by the clients, instead we put in extra efforts to make their end product a game changer! Our commitment to excellence, and dedication towards work has made us a top-leader in Wix website designing, backed with professional Wix developers who are well aware of their work.

You can have a look at some of the reasons that is enough to make us the industry leaders in Wix design and development:

Embrace Change With Our Team Of Professional Wix Developers

Our Wix website development services include the following perks:

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Our Tech-Stack

Used By Professional Wix Developers For Client’s Projects

Our tech-savvy Wix development experts are committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions by harnessing the full potential of Wix technologies and plugin-development expertise. We use these tools to create web solutions with a plethora of features. If you’d like to delve deeper into our services, scroll down:

Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

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Frequently Asked

The cost for Wix development ranges from $2000 to $30,000 or more depending on the type of website being requested by the clients. Our professional Wix developers are always there to deliver the most intuitive, and feature-rich web solutions.

You can hire a wix development agency by following these steps:

  1. Know your requirements
  2. Start hunting for a reliable wix development company
  3. Go through their portfolio to learn about their services and previous work.
  4. Place them an offer, and have a one-on-one meeting with them. 
  5. Wait for a week or two to get a relevant response.

The cost a wix developer charges can lie somewhere between $10 to $20 per hour, however, the cost can vary based on the experience a wix developer has in a relative field.

Yes, Wix is truly a great platform for building online stores, eCommerce websites, and other web solutions. If you hire a professional and experienced Wix developer it’s easier for you to map things, and get a desired result.