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We’re proud to offer top-notch, state of the art Magento development to the clients worldwide. With the optimal use of technologies, and go-to attributes necessary for building a cutting-edge online store experience for the consumers. Nexentis has the best team of Magento 2 development professionals, who have a proven track record of building quality-enriched and fully functional web applications for the clients nationwide.

Our Magento 2 development services cover all the necessary aspects that are vital for building a feature-fill web application. Hire us today, and let our Magento experts do the rest for you!


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Best Magento Development Services To Customers Worldwide

As companies are shifting towards online businesses, and plan to step out of their comfort zone, it’s really important to keep an eye on the on-going trends like Magento 2 development that has been acquired by everyone. Here’s an overview of the best-selling Magento 2 development services, acquired by clients worldwide:

Magento UI/UX Design

As a leading Magento development company, we have a team of professional Magento 2 UI/UX designers who create top-notch, and alluring visuals that appeal to the audience, and make them go in depth with the web applications. Our experienced Magento 2 designer always prefers to use a wireframing approach to first create a layout and then proceed further with the other steps.

Magento Marketplace Development

Our top-notch Magento development services include Magento Marketplace development in which the Magento professionals are responsible for creating cutting-edge Magento stores for online customers. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C store design and development, we own the expertise to build the best Magento 2 store for better customer experience.

Magento 2 Custom Development

Some customers ask us to deliver custom store development, and that is why, our Magento 2 store experts deliver the best, and top-notch custom design and development services which match their needs. Our Magento 2 development services comprises all the necessary aspects that are crucial for delivering a cutting-edge store like dashboard, custom layout, vendor approval mechanism, and etc.

Magento Mobile App Development

Gone are the days when people were only into web or admin views, but now they’re more into Magento mobile applications for an easy to operate interface. Our Magento 2 developers have the expertise to create the most seamless user experience that meets the crucial needs of business. From Android app development to iOS app development and more, we take the complete responsibility of bringing forth the best, and most alluring Magento app development experience to the clients.

Magento Extension Development

We do offer Magento extension development to our prestigious clients who’re seeking for building an online store for better customer retention. As a trusted Magento development company, we take the complete responsibility of building a Magento store that goes with the seamless extension development, custom-made to their needs. We offer Magento 2 extension customization, Compatibility customization, Magento 2 extension integration etc.

Magento 2 Custom Module Development

Our Magento development services include the seamless creation of Magento 2 custom module development for creating efficient module architecture,customizable security practices, security patches installation and everything essential for custom module development. Our professional Magento 2 developers always stay updated with the industry standards, and try to integrate them within the web application.

Magento 2 Theme Development

As we discussed about Magento 2 UI/UX designers, our experienced Magento 2 theme developers create the most alluring themes for online stores that bring the unique identity of business in front of the consumers. The key attributes include, mobile responsive themes, magento theme development and theme customization.

Magento 2 Migration

If you’re hunting for a seamless Magento 2 migration to any third-party application like Shopware, Wix, WooCommerce and etc then, we’re the right choice for you! Nexentis being a top-rated Magento development company offers Magento 2 migration services that migrate the platform without missing out on important details, and necessary data like customer data, order details, inventory, and etc. The migration includes, Magento to Magento 2 migration, Magento to WordPress migration, WooCommerce to Magento migration, Shopware to Magento migration, etc.

Magento 2 Integration

You can integrate your Magento online store with SEO APIs, and other elements without disturbing the on-going activities. Nexentis offers a reliable team of Magento 2 integration experts who use the most advanced technologies for building a cutting-edge online store experience for the customers from different niches.

Magento Maintenance Support

We offer Magento development and support services to our consumers, to make sure that their magento store is working perfectly fine, and we are not missing out on any important attributes. Our Magento maintenance experts offer ongoing support for functionalities, bug-fixtures, Custom Magento support, Security updates, Improved user experience, and integrations for a smooth delivery.

Magento 2 Frontend Development

As a leading, and top-notch Magento 2 frontend development company we offer the best front-end development solutions, that comprises tailor-made Magento frontend development technologies best suited for your crucial store. You can now hire our Magento 2 developers, and let them handle the entire frontend and backend development.

Magento Commerce Cloud Development

As a leading Magento 2 extension development company, we offer Magento Commerce Cloud development that is really important for keeping the data segmented at a single place – that is cloud server. It consists of managed cloud servers, fast production deployments, magento support development, scalable magento storefronts, and etc.

Why Choose Us As Your Magento Development Company?

Are you looking for a professional Magento development agency, then, opt for our expert Magento developers to create a seamless user experience, backed with a strong backend, and layout that is undoubtedly amazing. Developing a quality-enriched Magento development store requires experienced professionals who know how to transform the ideas of customers into reality. Here’s an overview of the top-notch benefits of choosing Magento  development services;

24/7 Consultation

We offer Magento backend development along with frontend consultation to solve the concerns of the customers on the point. Whether it’s related to the design of the online store, or anything apart from the technical aspects, our Magento certified developers are always on their toes to help you out with a suitable solution.


Magento Web Consultation

We offer Magento website consultation which includes the optimal use of tech stack along with frameworks for building a seamless website experience – backed with accurate products listing, and descriptions that captivates the audience. The admin panel view is also of great use, and we take care of all the necessary functionalities of the Magento store for both customers and the admin.


A Team Of Magento Professionals

Nexentis works with the ownership of the most professional Magento professionals proficient for Magento growth, who possess years of experience dealing with different types of technology stacks, frameworks, and APIs for a finished look and feel. We’ve managed to get the most out of Magento development companies, and promise to create a benchmark in the digital forum.


Agile Methodologies Usage

Our certified Magento developers use the most recent technology stack, and frameworks for building digital solutions that are top-notch, and out of the box. We utilize agile methodologies, and frameworks to create a sprint for a week with all the tickets that have to be released in a week. We’re now an official partner of Magento, and love to attract customers from different platforms and niches.


On-time Delivery Of The Projects

Nexentis, a leading Magento development company ensures that the projects are delivered on time, with all the features, and visuals. Our team always completes the project one week prior to the actual date to avoid missing out on anything crucial and ensure that everything is top-notch, and matches the initial requirement of the clients.


Magento Store Maintenance

Many Magento development companies offer maintenance services which includes the after-deployment maintenance of the ecommerce store. Some ask for hosting or domain name renewal, whereas, some look for other options. Anyhow, we offer Magento store maintenance services to the clients, and love to hear back from them.


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We’ve Served Diversified Clients From Various Industries

As an established Magento development firm, our primary objective is client satisfaction, ensuring the creation of their desired online stores while delivering exceptional customer experiences. Whether you require Magento plugin development or seek the expertise of our Magento professionals for your store’s development, we possess the knowledge and skills to assist clients across various industries. Here’s a glimpse of the top-notch Magento development services we provide across different sectors:


Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

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Frequently Asked

The cost for Magento development lies somewhere between $1500 to $2000 or more depending on the complexity of the store. By hiring us as your professional Magento store development experts, you don’t have to worry about the results because we will take care of the entire process without delaying or disturbing any of your core data or activities.

You can hire a professional Magento development expert or agency by following these steps:

  • Know your Requirements: The first thing is to always know what you’re looking for, and what is the budget for getting your Magento store development done. 
  • Start Hunting – The second step is to always look for your ideal Magento experts, you can search for “best magento development company near me” and you’ll end up finding the most adequate resource for your work. 
  • Interview & Sessions – The third step is to interview the ideal candidate, and check their technical expertise.
  • Place them an offer – The last step is to place them an offer, and wait for them to respond to that. Some take 1 week whereas, some reply in less than 5 days. 

Yes, if you don’t have a team to complete your desired requirements, and build a feature-rich application then, the end goal is to always hire professional Magento development experts who have hands-on experience dealing with different things, like design, development, and deployment of the store.

Yes, you can easily migrate your existing store to Magento using cutting-edge technologies. Nexentis has experts who will help you to seamlessly migrate your Magento store to any platform without delaying any data.