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We’re a specialized Shopify development company that creates the most feature rich, and stunning store for the consumers worldwide. With our exceptional skills, and professional knowledge in Shopify store development, our team possesses the skills to create the most alluring, yet captivating online store for the visitors to select and purchase articles without creating any hassle. Our Shopify website development services are top-notch, and acquired by millions of customers – blending visibility, and seamless user experience together for a lasting impression.

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Shopify Website Development Services For A Lasting Impression

Shopify website developer for hire, yielding results that stays!

We’re offering a team of expert Shopify website developers for hire, who not only understands the business crucial needs, but simply the development solution for the customers – who’re trying to create a lasting online experience for the consumers. As a leading Shopify development agency, we evaluate the requirements given by the customers, and thus deliver a result-driven web solution for the businesses. Our shopify development is fully equipped with high-end development technologies, and frameworks to build the most customized theme for the Shopify eCommerce store.

Shopify Store Development Services For Businesses

Shopify Ecommerce Development For Customers

Nexentis offers the best Shopify development services to the customers, which includes all the necessities, and services that yield the most alluring, and exceptional Shopify store experience. Now you can generate higher revenue, and list all the products in the Ecommerce store for giving customers the best experience nationwide. Here’s an overview of our long-term, and quality-enriched Shopify store development services:

Shopify Web Design

Our Shopify store development services include Shopify website design, which comprises the UI/UX designing , wireframing, and the final layout creation that builds the most alluring Shopify website solution. All of our Shopify website designers will understand your requirements, and create the most alluring design for your online store.

Shopify Website Development

Our Shopify website development services include the optimal use of frameworks, technologies, and APIs for a smooth backend, and a visually appealing frontend that captivates the audience, and assists them with high-end digital solutions. Our Shopify store developers use the most recent technologies for building a memorable user experience. With custom Shopify development, you can get your dreams converted into reality.

Shopify Marketplace Development

Our experienced Shopify store developer can help you convert your Shopify store into a marketplace, where all the customers can meet with the sellers, and share relevant product information. We are proud of offering end-to-end Shopify marketplace store development services which includes the design, development, testing, and all other features with additional add-ons for enhancing the marketplace experience.

Shopify App Development

We offer the most result-driven Shopify app development services, which includes the UI/UX design of the app store, development, and testing before it’s made live on the app store. All the Shopify applications designed and developed by our experience Shopify App development experts are high-end, and always keep the experience of the customers on high priority rather than anything else.

Shopify API Development

Our Shopify store development services include API development as well, which means all the web applications developed by us will never miss out on important APIs integrations that are really important for a seamless user experience. Whether you want to connect your Shopify store to any CRM or integrate anything additional to it, we as a team of professional Shopify API experts will make it happen for you. Our team of professional Shopify development experts will help you get the results, you just can’t afford to miss!

Shopify Web Consulting

Our Shopify website consulting service comprises all the necessary things, which includes the design, development, and the optimal use of tech stack that is necessary for the design and development of the Ecommerce store. Our team of professional Shopify website developers work closely with the clients to know their requirements, and the expectation they have with the online store to better optimize the store performance, and provide actionable insights for the online store.

Shopify Web Maintenance

Lastly, as a team leading Shopify website development company we offer Shopify web maintenance as well, which includes the quick QA of the website, and checking its entire features, and functionalities to make sure that it’s working pretty well, and doesn't require any edits. However, if any bug is identified, we try our best to fix it up instantly, and our Shopify website maintenance experts will do all the necessary measures for creating a smooth user experience.

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End-to-End Shopify Development Services For Business-Oriented Mindsets

We understand the competitive landscape, and know how hard it is now to cope up with the businesses that are already in the market, and build a digital solution that perfectly maps the requirements. As a leading Shopify website development companies, we do offer marketing consulting services as well that covers all the after-time requirements;

Why Choose Us As Your Shopify Development Agency?

While you are choosing a Shopify website development company, there are certain things that one should take care of, and should never compromise on, because if they missed out on any of the important things, they will regret it later. Hence, it’s suggested to go through the portfolio, and clients review of the to-be selected Shopify website agency to rectify your choice, and ensure that you’re making the right choice.


Nexentis has a proven track record of Shopify Development services, and has been considering the requirements of the clients for so long. From the initial conceptualization to the final deployment of the Shopify store in the real time environment, we take complete responsibility of creating results that stays in the mind of the consumers.


Our experienced Shopify website developers have a track record of creating influential websites that has a separate panel for the product listing, and uploading the copies. All the customers who are visiting the website can view it, and get the desired results in no time. Our experienced Shopify website developers always keep the requirements in mind, and try to bring innovative solutions – best for professional, and casual use.


Our technical support team is always in their shoes to assist the clients with their web solution requirements, and give them the most relevant and suitable suggestions. We are always available to help our customers with the technical support, and give them the most suitable solution in case of any bug, or technical issue.


We’ve a 100+ satisfied customers ratio, and are always still on the route of getting more customers on board. All of our customers are pleased to work with us, and always prefer to choose our expert Shopify website developers for developing their store online.

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Best Shopify Ecommerce Development Services For Consumers

Nexentis a solution-driven Shopify website development company that offers the best Ecommerce website design, development, deployment, and maintenance services for a smooth user experience. Visitors can come, view the products in the store, and choose the one that goes perfectly with their requirements. To attract more customers, we always come up with a marketing-driven approach that focuses on the compelling listing of the products with a captivating caption to meet the requirements, and make the products rank first on the search engine. You can hire us today as your Shopify Ecommerce website developers, and let our experts do the magic for you. 

Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

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Frequently Asked

The maximum cost for Shopify website development lies somewhere between $15000, to $2000 or more depending on the requirements drafted by the client regarding the Shopify store design and development.

You can hire a professional Shopify development agency by following the steps given below:

  1. Know your crucial store requirements
  2. Start searching for the best Shopify store developers
  3. View their portfolio to get an idea about the services
  4. Place them an offer & wait for a week for response

Yes, Shopify is a widely used Ecommerce store development platform that mostly companies use to develop their Ecommerce online store. With Shopify you can deliver a seamless user experience, backed with influential and custom-made features along with layouts for a finished look and feel.

There are certain benefits for opting a Shopify website development platform, some of them are listed below;

  • Excelling in aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. 
  • A readily available shipping solution at your fingertips. 
  • Equipped with built-in marketing and SEO tools to boost conversion rates. 
  • Shopify boasts a dedicated and secure payment gateway for your peace of mind. 
  • Seamlessly integrates with a variety of third-party applications. 
  • Abounds in mobile-friendly features, catering to both eCommerce businesses and their customers.
  •  Tailored for newcomers and those with limited technical knowledge.

A Shopify development firm like Nexentis offers a comprehensive solution to fulfill all your Shopify requirements with unmatched expertise and experience, serving as a one-stop-shop for eCommerce excellence. Their adaptable development teams seamlessly integrate the essential applications your store requires to operate smoothly, transforming your website into a thriving hub for a successful eCommerce venture.

It depends entirely on the requirements given by the clients regarding the Shopify store. Sometime it takes more than 4 weeks, whereas, some times it is completed within 2-3 weeks.