MEAN and MERN Full Stack Development Services

Nexentis is a top-rated Mean and Mern full stack development company that comprises all the best practices, and technologies usage for an ever-lasting experience. From the on-point frontend development to the customer-centric backend development – our experts make everything pretty much easier for you. You can always hire our Mean and Mern full stack developers for building version-control systems along with concrete servers, and security practices. Everything will be done under professional monitoring, and we are certified in full stack development. Hire our experts today, and see the magic yourself!


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Our MEAN/MERN Development Services

Whether you’re hunting for a professional MEAN/MERN website developer, or someone with proficient years of experience, our technical and most proficient web developers will stay ahead in bringing the most cutting-edge results for you. You can always rely on our MEAN/MERN developers, and let them handle the rest. Here’s a quick overview of our MEAN/MERN development services:

Custom Web Development

Our MEAN/MERN development services include web development backed with feature-rich attributes that add innovation to the product. Our MEAN/MERN developers utilizes the best technologies, and frameworks to build a memorable experience for the clients. All the products are scalable, and efficient websites.

custom web development

Single Page Applications (SPAs):

Our MEAN/MERN development services include the creation of dynamic, and responsive single-page applications using AngularJS (for MEAN) or React.js (for MEAN). It assists in enhancing user experience by minimizing page reloads and providing a seamless, fluid interface.

Single Page Application

RESTful API Development

Our professional MEAN/MERN developers design and implement RESTful APIs using Node.js, and Express.js to enable communication between frontend, and backend of the applications. We ensure security, and efficient data transfer throughout the components of the applications.

Restfull api

Real-Time Application Development

Our MEAN/MERN experts develop real-time applications with full-fledged features like chatting applications using the most modernized technologies like Node.js for handling multiple connections simultaneously. Our core expertise lies in implementing WebSocket communication for instant updates.

Realtime Application Development

E-Commerce Solutions

Our MEAN/MERN developers build robust Ecommerce platforms with all the necessary features like inventory management, order processing, and secure payment gateways. We utilize all the advantages of the MEAN/MERN stack to create scalable and high performance Ecommerce applications for the clients.

E commerce

Boost Your Business Potential With MEAN/MERN Development Services

With Nexentis, you have the opportunity to engage skilled MEAN/MERN stack developers who excel in the art of MEAN/MERN development, crafting enduring and impactful digital products. Our MEAN/MERN development services provide a distinct advantage, infusing your projects with a blend of creativity and innovation.

Professional MEAN/MERN Developers

Our MEAN/MERN developers use modernized technologies to build the most robust, yet scalable solutions that are high performing and match the unique requirements of the clients.

Best MEAN/MERN Practices

Our tailored MEAN/MERN development services strictly adhere to international standards and guidelines.

On-Time Product Delivery

As a MEAN/MERN development company, we strive to offer the best JavaScript development services and strive to offer on-time product delivery.

Enterprise Level Expertise

Our proficient MEAN/MERN developers construct resilient and dynamic applications featuring a powerful UI/UX.

Advanced MEAN/MERN Web Applications

Next-generation applications seamlessly incorporate scientific computing, data science, statistics, and analytics to construct cutting-edge machine learning solutions.

What Our Clients Say

Development Process Followed By Our MEAN/MERN Developers

Our professional MEAN/MERN development experts follow a streamlined process to build the most intuitive, yet attractive website solution. Our understanding to MEAN/MERN technologies usage, and the optimal utilization of technologies to bring our client’s ideas to life. Here’s a quick overview of our process followed by our MEAN/MERN developers:


Our first step is to meet the requirements from the clients, and align it in our sprints with proper task allocation to meet the deadlines timely. Our Business Analysts, Project Managers, Designers, and Developers all sit together to create the most explicit, yet strategic pathway that leads to the timely competition of the project.


Our second step is to design the web project according to the project attribute document. Our designers start with creation of wireframes of the product, and adding layers along with seamless navigation for an exciting output.


We develop the website with the most alluring visuals, and strong backend that is based on modernized technologies. All of our services are high-end, and our MEAN/MERN experts always develop the backend based on real-time data, and analysis reports.


Lastly, we deploy the product in the real time environment. Our Q.A team rigorously tests the products and its features to ensure that it’s not missing out on important details.


Hear It From Our Business Consultants

Nexentis has always been ahead when it comes to delivering the best, and most intuitive digital solutions to the clients. With our MEAN/MERN development services, you can not only get your desired product but will get an expert opinion of features, and other layouts finalization.

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Our Tech-Stack

Emerging Technologies Used By Tech-Savvy iPhone App Development Company

We being an iOS development company in the US are courageous to build innovative app solutions. Our goal is to elevate business with data-driven business strategy, build viable app solutions, design memorable experiences and code applications that give 2x more growth of the business. Here’s a breakdown of the tech-stack used by our iphone app developers:

Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

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Frequently Asked

The development cost of MEAN/MERN is somewhere between $30 to $50 per hour or more depending on the experience of the MEAN/MERN expert. However, the cost can vary if the experience is less than 3 years.

It depends entirely on the requirements of the project. If the deadline is short, and development is complex then, definitely 3-4 MEAN/MERN developers will be allocated.

Yes, we do offer post-delivery maintenance for MEAN/MERN development projects.