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We’re specialists in offering quality-driven, intuitive, and compelling UI UX design services to all of our prestigious clients. Our core responsibility includes the requirements analyzation, and optimal use of colors, and layouts for a seamless user experience. Hire our professional UI/UX designers for memorable yet seamless user experience services.


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Our Quality-Centric Approach For Offering UI UX Design Services

As a leading UI UX design agency we follow a streamlined process that helps us craft feature-rich, and captivating user experience for our prestigious business consultants. You can always opt for our UI UX designing services to get an attractive, yet customer-centric user experience. Here’s how we’re making wonderful designs for you!

Market Research

Our UI UX designers start by conducting thorough market research and learning about the trending design practices that lead to the seamless completion of web page designs.

market research

Concept Presentation

Our UI UX designing services include the concept presentation where the designer represents the idea by defining the core features of the website, thus developing the architecture of the product.

UI/UX Framework

Our mobile UI UX design services include a crisp, and creative wireframe that goes perfectly with the requirements given by the clients initially.

UI UX wireframe

Functional Wireframes

Once the clients approve the wireframes, our UI UX designers start with the functional wireframe creation.

Functional wireframe

Prototype Testing

Our UI/UX design services include prototype testing as well where we check the prototype thoroughly and ensure that it’s not missing out on anything important.

prototype Testing

Frontend Development

Our UI UX design services include frontend development where, our developers replicate the PSD into a functional website without missing out on essential features.

Android Web

UI/UX Testing

Once done, our UI UX design services include the rigorous testing of the screen as well. Our process includes the testing of the wireframes, buttons, and navigation – ensuring it’s all working well.

UIux Testing

Design Delivery

Lastly, we deliver fully functional wireframes that go with the unique requirements of the clients. Our utmost responsibility is to deliver a feature-rich website, with seamless navigation and response rate.

Design Delivery

Our UI/UX Design Services For Clients

At Nexentis, we strive to provide the best UI UX design services to our business consultants for their businesses. Our design model is fine-tuned for startups and large-scale enterprises, and we try our best to bring in captivating web solutions. Together we’re giving you the power to manage all of your design capabilities, bringing in flexibility that you might need! Here’s an overview of our UI UX design services:

High Fidelity Designing

Our UI UX design services include the creation of a prototype for demonstration of the user behavior throughout the web application. It will show how it’s working, and the features that will be in the website or application. The designs are fully interactive, as our UI UX designer uses Figma as a tool to design your web pages.


Our Ux Ui design services give you an outline of your web or mobile application interface – hence demonstrating the content placement, CTAs activities, and relative functionalities that will be there in your final product.

Mobile User Interface

Our UI UX design services include mobile user interface designing as well where our professional UI UX designers use cutting-edge designing expertise to deliver a seamless user experience. Our core expertise lies in building intuitive user interfaces that don't create any hurdles for the end users.

Web User Interface

Similar to the mobile UI/UX design, we offer UI/UX design services for web applications and websites as well. Our UI UX designers use their utmost experience to craft the most compelling web interface for you – pulling out all the innovative practices for a seamless experience.

Cross Platform Compatibility

We know the need for a cross-platform compatible interface for the users, and that is why our UI UX design services include cross-platform compatibility where we’re liable for creating designs that appear to be the same on all platforms.

Software Redesign

We offer software redesigning services as well which includes the designing UI/UX for the application backed with seamless layouts, navigation, and other necessary points that make the app stand out from the crowd.

Technical Design

Lastly, if a client wants us to work on the technical UI UX designing then, then our team of UI UX designers can do that too! We understand the technical workflow of the projects, ensuring that the technical design we create is quality-enriched, covering all the components of the application for a satisfied customer experience.

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Our team of professional UI UX designers utilize all the design principles, and layout practices that make the website stand out from the crowd. We don’t compromise on the quality of the work, that is why our clients rely on us, and we’re making ourselves stand out from the crowd.

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We being an iOS development company in the US are courageous to build innovative app solutions. Our goal is to elevate business with data-driven business strategy, build viable app solutions, design memorable experiences and code applications that give 2x more growth of the business. Here’s a breakdown of the tech-stack used by our iphone app developers:

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Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

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Frequently Asked

The cost for UI UX design services starts somewhere between $1000 to $1500 for just a simple website design, however if it’s complex then it goes to $2000 to more depending on the requirements that are provided by the clients.

Yes, you can not always take complete responsibility for UI/UX design without any relevant experience in the related field. Therefore, it’s preferred to hire a professional UI UX design company that shares relevant experience in designing wireframes and turning them into functional prototypes.

The hourly rate of a UI/UX designer is $30 per hour, whereas an experienced one can charge $40 per hour.

The hourly rate of a UI/UX designer is $30 per hour, whereas an experienced one can charge $40 per hour.

Nexentis’ UI/UX design services follow these key steps:

Research: Understand users, goals, and competitors.

Create Personas: Develop user profiles and scenarios.

Information Structure: Plan layout and navigation.

Wireframes: Outline basic interface structure.

Prototyping: Build interactive models for testing.

Visual Design: Apply colors, typography, and images.

Usability Testing: Test designs with real users.

Iterative Design: Refine based on feedback.

Handoff: Provide design specs for implementation.