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Whether you require a frontend developer or a backend developer to build your next-gen business application, our team of experienced Custom JS development experts will give you the exposure you’ve been looking for. Hire our professional JavaScript development experts, and let them do the rest for you!


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Development Services

Nexentis has always been top-tier, and first choice for clients who’re eagerly seeking influential expertise in Javascript design and development services. Whether it’s an on-time JavaScript development project, or some crucial amendments that need to be done before the deployment – our experts are always on their toes to bring the best choice for you. Here’s a quick overview of our custom JS development:

Custom Web Development

Professional Javascript developers build intuitive yet feature-rich web applications for their clients. Whether it’s an online store design and development or a high-end ERP solution to facilitate the needs of the businesses. From attractive wireframe designs to the strong backend development – our team takes responsibility for everything.

Custom Website Development

Single PageApplication (SPAs)

Our JavaScript development services include Single Page Application (SPAs) development with a smooth integration process. All of our Single Page Application (SPAs) are built using cutting-edge frameworks, and development libraries that help clients to get a fast-pace, yet intuitive product.

Single Page Application

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Our JavaScript development services include cross platform mobile app development that is obviously high-end and can run on all platforms like iOS and Android. We are capable of building feature rich applications that work flawlessly, and have an intuitive user interface.

cross platform apps

API Development and

Our JavaScript development services include API development along with seamless integration that comprises all the high-end techniques that benefits the overall design and development of the project. We always leverage the latest technologies, and frameworks for the smooth integration process of the product.


Maintenance and Support

Our JavaScript development services include quick maintenance and support to the clients on the time of urgency. Our JavaScript developers use all the maintenance and support techniques to instantly facilitate the clients with on-time solutions to the reported problem.


Boost Your Business Potential With JavaScript Development

With Nexentis you will have the opportunity to build JavaScript development services based on cutting-edge technologies, and frameworks for creating impactful digital products. Our JavaScript development services provide a distinct advantage, infusing your projects with a blend of creativity and innovation.

Professional JavaScript Developers

Our JavaScript developers use modernized technologies to build the most robust, yet scalable solutions that are high performing and match the unique requirements of the clients.

Best JavaScript Practices

Our tailored JavaScript development services strictly adhere to international standards and guidelines.

On-Time Product Delivery

As a JavaScript development company, we strive to offer the best JavaScript development services and strive to offer on-time product delivery.

Enterprise Level Expertise

Our proficient JavaScript developers construct resilient and dynamic applications featuring a powerful UI/UX.

Advanced JavaScript Web Applications

Next-generation applications seamlessly incorporate scientific computing, data science, statistics, and analytics to construct cutting-edge machine learning solutions.

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Development Process Followed By Our JavaScript Developers

Our skilled JavaScript development professionals adhere to a systematic process for crafting highly intuitive and visually appealing website solutions. We leverage our in-depth understanding of JavaScript technologies, optimizing their usage to bring our clients’ concepts to life. Here’s a brief overview of our JavaScript development process followed by our JavaScript developers:


In our initial step, we gather client requirements and organize them into sprints with well-defined task assignments to meet deadlines efficiently. Our collaborative team of Business Analysts, Project Managers, Designers, and Developers collaborates to establish a clear and strategic pathway leading to the timely completion of the project.


Moving to the second phase, we design the web project based on the project attribute document. Our designers begin by creating wireframes, adding layers, and ensuring seamless navigation for an engaging end product.


We proceed to develop the website, incorporating captivating visuals and a robust backend built on modernized technologies. Our JavaScript development experts ensure that the backend is developed with real-time data and analysis reports, delivering high-end services.


Lastly, we deploy the product in the real time environment. Our Q.A team rigorously tests the products and its features to ensure that it’s not missing out on important details.


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Nexentis has always been ahead when it comes to delivering the best, and most intuitive digital solutions to the clients. With our JavaScript development services, you can not only get your desired product but will get an expert opinion of features, and other layouts finalization.

Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

Giving You The Digital Edge

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Frequently Asked

The average cost for JavaScript development ranges from $50 to $250 per hour, depending on the experience of the developer.

It depends entirely on the requirements of the project. If the deadline is short, and development is complex then, definitely 3-4 JavaScript developers will be allocated.

Yes, we do offer post-delivery maintenance for JavaScript development projects.