How to Create a Music App

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The cheat sheet to create a music app is mostly available everywhere over the Internet, but very few of them are actually the “true” ones, and app makers are utilizing it for a beneficial need.

There are various market leaders such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music that are competitive enough to beat each other and create a huge impact in the market.

Anyhow, if you wish to create a music app for your business then, our blog is the best option for you! We will allow you to create your own music application with all the necessary features that one should include in the music application.

Ready to explore the steps to create a music streaming app for you? Let’s get started!

Music Streaming Services Worldwide – More Stats and Fun Facts

Music is a great part of your everyday life for almost everyone in the world. People enjoy listening to music on a daily basis mostly while exercising, or checking out some new place while having headphones everyday. According to statista, in 2012 the lion’s share of revenue could be attributed to physical sales, by 2017, digital music streaming had overtaken both physical sales and digital music downloads. In 2021, the revenue through streaming was estimated to reach 17.2 billion U.S. dollars.

  • The global music streaming market is expected to exceed $10 billion by 2023.
  • The average revenue per user is expected to be $26.
  • Spotify, a great market leader, has a total market share of 36% of total music subscribers.

In 2021, the market size of global music streaming reached $29.45 billion, with projections indicating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% from 2022 to 2030, according to Grand View Research.

Hence, Spotify dominates the market with a 36% share, followed by Apple Music at 19%, and Amazon Music at 12%. The remaining 33% of the market share is distributed among Deezer, Pandora, Tencent Music, MelOn, and other applications.

Create a Music App - Music Applications Example

Here are some of the best music applications that are leading the way in the market, and creating a huge impact in the digital space.

Excited to read them up with us?

1. Spotify – A Friendly Music Application

Spotify – A Friendly Music Application

If you wish to create a music app like Spotify then, you are at the right place. Spotify was founded in Sweden and was launched in 2008 and is now one of the market leaders in the musical world.

You will never fail to find youngsters using Spotify and listening to songs on a daily basis while taking regular classes, or moving to some new place.

It has around 422 million monthly active users, and the number is increasing every other day. And you know what, music apps like Spotify have more success due to the unique way of data collection, and showing relevant results to the users.

2. Apple Music – iOS Friendly Music Application

Our mobile app development services include the creation of music apps like Apple Music that are eco-friendly, and work perfectly fine on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and MacOS.

Apple Music comes second in the list of leading music applications, and was launched by Apple in the year 2015 with more than 88+ subscribers.

You will get all the music installed, and easily accessed on this application without any extra efforts!

3. Amazon Music – Android Friendly Music App

Lastly, we have Amazon Prime Music that is another key-changer music application in the market – building a huge impact on the users. It has a total market share of 12% and is ranked 3rd on the list.

It’s one of the first public betas that was released in 2007, offering a great access to 90 million songs. In 2021, the services were around 68,1 million users and 48 million of them are US listeners.

Features You Should Add - Creating a Music Streaming Application

How to make a music app? Here is a quick overview of the features that one should include in the application for a seamless user experience, and interface:

1. Seamless Navigation

The process to create a music app requires precision, and seamless navigation for the users so they can easily search for their desired songs, and get the results.

A music application is the real place where your users find the convenience, and if they do so, they will give positive reviews.

Enhancing the ease of discovering new songs and artists constitutes the initial stride towards crafting playlists and fostering regular app usage.

2. Sharing Songs With Friends

You can now give an opportunity to your friends, and get the most amazing tracks which you can share with them in a few simple steps.

When you’re creating a music streaming app, ensure that your application has a sharing song feature. Not just this, it should also have a social media sharing option where songs can be shared on different platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

3. User Registration and Profiles

While you create a music app, it should have a registration and user profile that allows users to share personalized music for suggestions.

The entire process should be short and very crisp so that anyone can access the songs without missing out on anything crucial.

What should your music application will include;

  1. Gmail registration
  2. Apple registration
  3. Facebook direct login

4. Music Playlists

In the Statista survey on music streaming preferences, 48% of participants emphasized the importance of easy and convenient playlist creation, identifying it as a crucial feature for users.

Those surveyed expressed a desire for an app that goes beyond basic functionality, envisioning a platform that actively contributes to their most memorable life events, including parties or intimate evenings with friends.

Recognizing the pivotal role playlists play in enhancing these experiences is vital when considering how to create a music app that truly resonates with users.

5. Push Notification

While creating a music streaming app, ensure that it has a push notification option that shows notification against every new song released, and other imp data.

6. Music Players

How to create a music app? If this question sticks to your mind then ensure that your music streaming application allows users to play, pause, and track control of the volume of the songs through the music application.

The music player screens should also cover albums, and other information on the albums for a remarkable impression.

7. Payment Gateway

The music streaming application should have a seamless option for integration payments options where users can connect their bank accounts, and get the desired option.

8. Music App Offline Mode

While you’re creating a music streaming app, always think of the users and the different use cases associated with it.

What if they are in the basement of the house, and didn’t get internet over there? Your music application should work perfectly fine in such scenarios, and should lay a strong foundation for customer’s loyalty.

How to Create a Music App – Steps To Follow

In this section, we are finally going to discuss about the amazing steps leading to create a music streaming application:

1. Idea

The journey commences right here. Whether drawing inspiration from leading applications or possessing a unique vision for how your personalized music streaming app can distinguish itself and deliver an enhanced experience to prospective users, document every insight.

This gathered information will prove invaluable in subsequent stages as you embark on the mission to build a music streaming app that stands out in the competitive landscape.

2. Detailed Market Research

Crafting a music app begins not only with a genuine idea but also with meticulous market research. Ignoring this step is not an option. Thoroughly analyzing your competitors—observing what strategies succeed and identifying pitfalls to avoid—is indispensable for the success of your app creation venture.
Moreover, delving into market research provides valuable insights into your target audience.

Understanding their behavioral patterns, music preferences, age groups, locations, and other pertinent details is crucial. This knowledge becomes a cornerstone as you proceed to create a music app that caters effectively to the needs and preferences of your user base.

3. Plan Out The Features Of The Music Application

Thirdly, you should plan out the features of the music application like what should be the features which we’ve already discussed in the blog.

4. Selecting the Technology Stack

You just can’t proceed with the creation of your music application without selecting the technology stack that goes perfectly with the application.

While you create a music streaming application, list down all the features that should be there in the application. Once done, then, it’s easier for you to decide on the technologies, and tools that can be used in the custom music mobile app services offered by Nexentis, a leading mobile app development company in Austin.

Kotlin for Android; Swift for iOS
Java, Node.js, Python
Admin Panel
Silex, MySQL, Composer HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Bower
Web App Development
JavaScript, TypeScript
Database Integration
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL
Amazon CloudFront or Google Cloud CDN
Docker, Datadog, TestFlight, Firebase
Payment gateway integration
PayPal, Braintree, Stripe

5. How to build a Music App – Development

Once you’re done with the features selection, development platform finalization, and other frontend basics – you’re all good to go with the music app development and get your music app developer onboarded for the project.

6. Music App Development Testing

Don’t forget to test your music streaming application before you’ve planned to launch it in the market. There might be different flaws in the app so, it’s crucial to do A/B testing and then, make it live!

7. Launch the Music App

And boom! You’re all good to go with your brand new music streaming app launch party!! Don’t forget to refer to some leading stars, and co-players who would be a part of your music app launch party.

How much does Music app development cost?

The average cost for music app development starts from $15,000 to $20,000 depending on the complexity of the application.

If the music streaming application is an easy-to-go app then, it’s easier for the music app development company to start off with the design, development, testing and launching phase. However, if the music application has crucial features, and APIs integration then, the costing will increase

Ready To Launch Your Own Music Application?

Hence, creating a music streaming app requires dedication, past-experience in the relative app design and development field, and creativity to design alluring UI/UX for the application.

Nexentis’ team of expert app developers hold proficient experience to deal with any type of app design and development, creating both convenience, and luxury for the users.

We’re excited to serve you with the best, are you ready to join hands with us?

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Frequently Asked

You can create a music application using these steps:

  1. Think of an application
  2. Connect with mobile app professionals and share your idea with them
  3. Meet the team of developers, designer, and testers
  4. Ask them to share proposal with functional and non functional requirements
  5. See the wireframe of the music application
  6. Start the development, and give your valuable feedback
  7. Launch the music application in the market

The cost for creating a music app depends on the developers’ experience, mobile app development company’s prestgage, and overall experience. Also, the costing for both iOS and Android are entirely different from each other.

There are two ways by which music streaming application make money:

  1. In-App Advertisement
  2. Subscription Model

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