How much does Android App Development Cost?

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There are millions of Android app developers in the market and very few of them are interested in Android app development cost.

According to statista, the global mobile app market is expected to meet a CAGR of 9.27% from the year 2022 to 2026 – that is huge! But, you know what, a projected market volume of $614.40 billion is expected by 2026.

As we digest these statistics, it’s evident that Android is poised to reach an impressive milestone of 2.8 billion active users, constituting a substantial 75% of the total market share in mobile application development. Notably, in the United States alone, the user base exceeds 130 million, reflecting a significant surge attributed to the growing adoption of Android app development by numerous digital enterprises.

Anyhow, to deal with the average Android app development cost we’ve got you covered! Our blog covers all the tips, tricks, and average android app cost for android app development.

6 Factors That Affect The Cost For Android App Development Cost

1. Level of Android App Complexity

The first step that affects the android app development cost is the level of complexity your android application has, and if the features are complex then, it will definitely impact the android app cost.

Let’s have a look at native android app development cost and the features that will impact its complexity:

1. Deployment Architecture

The android app development consists of two types which includes BaaS and Custom application. Hence, the Baas development kit will give you a ready-made backend architecture that allows less room for any change.

Whereas, custom backend development includes complete architecture that is made from the scratch complimenting a particular android application.

2. Seamless Integration of Third-Party Application:
The second thing that comes beneath the android app development cost is the integration of third-party applications performing all the necessary functions. All of the functions can be included like Google, Gmail and Facebook that are sign-ups for interacting with a monetary application.
3. Admin Panel Development:

The third cost for android app development includes an integral part of the application as it allows the users to keep a record of the functions and activities performed in the application, and analyze statistics that are co-related to the application. Hence, the in-app development also impacts the android app cost which involves app builders.

4. In-app Purchase Functionalities:

Most of your android applications require in-app payment gateway integration that increases the costing massively!

Hence, if the android app has in-app purchase feature then, expect the pricing to be exceeded.

Here’s a quick breakdown of android app development costing:

Android App Complexity
Level of Complexity
Average Timeline
Average Android App Development Cost
Simple app
MVP functionality, Basic UI, One platform
2-3 months
Medium Complex app
Sophisticated features, Custom UI, One platform
3-8 months
Highly complex app
High level advanced features, Bespoke UI, Two platforms
6-14 months

Different Types Of Android Applications - Android Mobile App Development Cost

The different cost for android app development relies on multiple factors, and the type of android application that is designed and developed for industries.

As of 2022 reports, Gaming dominates Android app development, closely trailed by eCommerce, edTech, and social networking. While Android apps prove beneficial across industries, key categories include gaming with real-time examples. These insights underscore the versatile impact of Android app development across varied sectors, shaping diverse user experiences.

Hence, the different categories of android application includes:

1. Ecommerce Android Application

With over 2 million+ android applications being built on a monthly basis, Ecommerce android applications are widely in use and the android app development cost for such applications is slightly higher, and different from the one that we assume.

One of the greatest examples is Amazon official, and other mCommerce applications that have millions of downloads, and enables the application to perform multiple functions at a single time like, sell, purchase, order management, and etc.

Nexentis possesses a team of professional android app developers who will take care of your mCommerce app design and development needs, and will help you meet your dream application in less than 1 week. Sounds amazing?

2. Social Networking Android Application

The second type of android application that impacts the android app development cost is social networking android application that is huge, and impacts the costing massively.

You must have seen adults using FaceBook, Instagram, and relative applications that are widely in use, and people are going GAGA over them. However, they are available in both android and iOS versions and here comes the detailed discussion – social media and android app development cost!

The cost for android app development for social media platform is more than $15,000 or more because social media networking applications are widely in use, and has a lot of features like, sign-up, login, profile creation, profile view, like, shares, and commenting and a lot more – which requires equivalent development and time.

3. On-Demand Android Application

Lastly we have on-demand android app development that is “custom-made” as per the requirements given by the clients.

Hence, on demand applications are created for three types of users like, individuals, companies, and businesses who are targeting different people – with a different marketing strategy.

Hence, on demand android app development cost is somehow near to $2,000 or more – depending on the requirements provided by the clients.

How much does Android app development cost?

The average cost android app development depends on the type and category of the application like;

App Type
Estimated Cost (In $)
Estimated Time (In hours)
On-demand app (Uber)
Gaming app
More than 1,800
eCommerce/mCommerce app
Social media app

Are You Clear With The Average Android App Development Cost?

We assume you’re now clear with the basics, and now the average android app development cost and how it impacts the overall performance of the application. From the keen and seamless requirements gathering to the on-time delivery of the android application to the clients, the costing for android application varies, and impacts the overall performance of the application.

Nexentis posses a team of professional android app developers in Austin that not only meet the unique needs of the clients, but excel in offering them the best results without any delays. Your app can be the next game changer!

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Frequently Asked

The average cost to publish an android application is somewhere between $15,000 to $20,000 or more depending on the requirements that are provided by the clients.

The average cost to develop an Android application is 15,000 or more, depending on the complexity, design, layout and other features of the android application.

The average time to develop an Android application is 3-5 weeks depending on the complexity of the android application.

Yes, you can build your own android application, if you posses enough experience, and expertise in the relative field.

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